February 27, 2024

2 min

How to answer emotional intelligence interview questions

Why are they testing your emotional intelligence? When you walk into the room, the interviewer has already determined from your resume that you have the technical skills to do the job. Now it’s up to you to prove you get along well with others while maintaining a professional demeanor. Emotional intelligence (EQ) describes an awareness of your own emotional needs and those of others and how you regulate your behaviour in different situations. Enter an interview feeling prepared and confident by reading through these common interview questions designed to score your emotional intelligence.

What are the most common EQ questions asked?

If you were faced with an ethical issue, how did you handle it, and what was the outcome?

This is where the company tests your values and the parameters of your integrity. Be sure to choose an example that relates to the job you’re applying for. 

Sample answer: “A colleague double-charged a client. After discussing the situation with him, I directed him to correct the error. Within a week, a similar incident occurred with my colleague acting in the same erratic manner. I approached our supervisor, and we discovered that my colleague was working while intoxicated. A rehabilitation process followed, and my colleague got the help he needed.”


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