March 5, 2024

2 min

Empowering Proud Work: Tackle the Knowledge Gap

Closing the hiring manager knowledge gap around DE&I

While diverse hiring remains a top priority, a critical knowledge gap exists among hiring managers regarding DE&I best practices. This poses a potential challenge when seeking to bring more underrepresented talent into the industry. Concerted efforts around ensuring all recruitment practices and people are well-versed in DE&I is the first (but not only) way to tackle this.

Why does this matter? Well, beyond creating a more psychologically safe space for candidates, which has been shown to help them perform better, when candidates perceive a knowledge gap regarding their identities, the organisation immediately becomes less competitive in the marketplace.

In extremis, this may lead to application withdrawal or actively choosing employers with DE&I-trained recruiters. It is crucial, though, that upskilling here is not seen as a performative solution; companies that embrace this approach with talent and hiring managers living and breathing inclusive approaches, will be best place to win out in the war for talent, long term.

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